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Divermite S Dispenser (Orange Label)
Product Code: A19.116
Pack Size: 1 x 1

Reduces waste and requires only a small area for storage. For use with D2, D10 and all room care pouches. 

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Divermite Drip tray
Product Code: A30.071
Pack Size: 1 x 1

For use with divermite dispensers.  

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Divermite S Replacement Module (Orange Label)
Product Code: A19.017
Pack Size: 1 x 1
Awaiting Confirmation Date

Divermite replacement module for Orange label dispenser. 

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30ml Pelican Pump
Product Code: A19.005
Pack Size: 1 x 1

Fits onto a 5L container for accurate dosing, reducing waste and consumption.

Glade Air Freshener
Product Code: A44.000S
Pack Size: 1 x 500ml

A subtle way to freshen up rooms quickly and effectively Eliminate odours Freshen the air with the floral scent

Pledge Multi Surface Aerosol
Product Code: A41.005S
Pack Size: 1 x 400ml

Anti-static agents, for dust removal and everyday marks.  Suitable for computer screens and televisions. 

Shield Limescale Remover
Product Code: A37.041S
Pack Size: 1 x 1L

Heavy duty cleaner that removes limescale to restore shine to all washroom surfaces. The Shield Limescale Remover is for daily...

Titan Sanitising Chlorine Based Powder
Product Code: A38.922S
Pack Size: 1 x 500gm
Awaiting Confirmation Date

Cleans and disinfects in one step, can be used neat or in a solution Effective sanitising of equipment, hard surfaces , walls,...

D2 Bottle with Trigger Head
Product Code: A19.110S
Pack Size: 1 x 1

Empty D2 bottles for use with divermite system.

Ensign Stealth 1 Vac Bags GREEN CLIPS
Product Code: B78.063
Pack Size: 1 x 10

High quality dust bags for SM1 vacuum. 

Glade Solid Gel
Product Code: A44.006
Pack Size: 8 x 150g

Long lasting air freshener providing weeks of freshness Can be placed anywhere for a continuous release of fresh, pleasant scent...

Ensign 360/460 Vac Bags
Product Code: B78.023
Pack Size: 1 x 10

High quality paper dust bags for Ensign 360/460.