Company Statement

Your Needs

Every customer's requirements are unique. We will always find a way to fulfil our customers needs, whether it's innovation, sustainability or cost-effective solutions.

Our Expertise

Continous improvement is core to what we do. Our people undertake regular training ensuring that we can better our services with every customer experience. Our expertise is underpinned by over 30 years of industry experience & knowledge and we will use this to provide our customers with solutions bespoke to their requirements.

Company Core Values

Experts In Cleaning

With over 30 years in the industry, our highly experienced team will advise our customers on the most fit for purpose products and equipment for the task in hand. Our Health Checks are industry leading and considered an essential part of our service.

Service & Care

Our fleet of delivery vehicles will deliver nationwide at your preferred time and location. Our team is the main reason why so many of our customers continue to choose Newline. We understand our customers’ needs, so you can trust Newline to deliver on time and in full, to keep your business running smoothly.

Long Standing, Trusted & Reliable

With 30 years industry experience and over 1,000 customers many of whom have been with Newline for over 10 years, we like to consider ourselves Experts.

Sustainable & Eco Friendly

We offer a host of effective, environmentally sensitive and eco-friendly cleaning products that provide the best performance and value for money.

Innovation & Forward Thinking

Innovation is always at the heart of what we do. We can provide you with the latest in industry innovation, and we are constantly looking at new and improved ways to help our customers make the best choices. To ensure we manage your order seamlessly from start to finish, we have the latest distribution software and online ordering function.

Company Profile



1994 - Family owned and run



65 including - 6 Technical Experts



+ 1,100



Over 3,000 product lines


Group Turnover




Southend & Royston


Deep Knowledge Of Cleaning

We understand that to optimise your cleaning you need for things:

  • menu

    The correct, safest, most effective range of products

  • menu

    The correct equipment

  • menu

    The correct training

  • menu

    On-going quality management

Without all four, results will decline and costs will rise.


Key services


Vital 4D

Cleaner, Healthier Buildings


Health Checks

Supporting you to get on with running your business



Making sure your cleaners are fully supported


Support Guides

If we can't be on site, we have plenty of support guides


Dispenser Fitting

Managing the process from start to finish


Reducing the Total Cost of Cleaning

Cleaning Expertise


Step 1

Health Check


Step 2



Step 3

Review with Client


Step 4

Action & Implementation


Step 5

Follow Up


Vital 4D - Cleaner, Healthier Buildings

Our aim is to help our customers achieve their goal of achieving cleaner, healthier buildings, using technology and innovation.


  • Floors - The very best equipment to make the cleaner up to 8 times quicker with far better results.

  • Hands - Hand Hygiene has never been so important to avoid virus and bacteria transmission.

  • Walls & Surfaces - How to clean better, quicker, smarter and save time.

  • Air - Clean air is vital to our health, concentration, well being and energy levels.


The Newline Health Check

How do you know if your premises are clean? They may look or smell clean, but how do we actually know? As part of our cleaning health check, we are able to measure this, so you can be sure that your staff members are cleaning the right areas with the correct products and equipment. We provide you with a report at the end, which includes photos and recommendations for you to share with your team in order to continually improve standards.

What is included in the health check?

  • Areas
  • Kitchens
  • Laundry
  • Store Cupboard
  • Bedrooms
  • Public Areas
  • Washrooms
  • Signage
  • Plus much more...
  • ATP Swab Testing
  • Slip Tests
  • PPE Checks
  • Equipment Checks
  • Machinery Checks
  • Dispenser Checks
  • Air Quality


Reducing the impact that their operations have on the environment is now a necessary challenge faced by our customers. Newline aims to help businesses face this challenge by providing a range of eco-friendly cleaning products that reduce environmental impact as much as possible. At Newline we offer a host of effective and environmentally sensitive cleaning products that provide the best performance and value for money, all accurately dosed through our range of free on loan dosing equipment, making the switch to sustainable quick and easy.

  • Transportation

    Limiting and managing journeys and deliveries.

  • Less Plastic

    We recommend concentrated products.

  • Suppliers

    Selecting supplier partners who have genuine sustainability credentials

  • The Team

    A team who are fully engaged with sustainability.

  • Newline

    Making sure our business is engaged with sustainability

  • The Future

    We are looking at electric vans and cars to see how we can improve.

  • Technology

    Making use of on-line meetings

  • Less Water

    Save 1,000’s of litres of water annually

  • Chemicals

    We always recommend sustainable products first.

  • Innovation

    How can innovation positively impact a cleaning operation?


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