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Baby Wipe Fragranced Free
Product Code: C73.121
Pack Size: 12 x 72

These fragrance free wipes are clinically tested and proven as safe as pure water on newborn skin. Each wipe is made from a cotton soft...

Conti Cotton Soft Wipe 38gm - 28cm x 30cm
Product Code: C68.206
Pack Size: 20 x 100

Conti Cotton Soft Wipes are highly absorbent, cotton enriched incontinence wipes. The wipes are perfect for cleansing heavily soiled...

Conti Flushable Dry Wipes - 55gm - 24 x 22cm - CF050
Product Code: C68.203
Pack Size: 28 x 50

Conti Flushable Skin Cleansing Dry Wipes are dispersible wipes, particularly ideal for continence care. The wipes are designed to...

Conti Flushable Moist Wipes 22 x 17cm
Product Code: C68.202
Pack Size: 27 x 24

Specially designed macerator-friendly wipe that is also flushable. The Oasis Flushmee wipe is flushable which stops the issue of...

Conti Large Dry Wipes - 22gm - 30 x 28cm - CLW110
Product Code: C68.200
Pack Size: 32 x 100
Expected Restock Date: 10-12-2023

Conti Lite patient cleansing wipes provide the most cost-effective option for healthcare professionals, combining strength and...

Conti Maceratable Dry Wipe - 50gm - 30cm x 28cm - CWW075P
Product Code: C68.207
Pack Size: 16 x 75

Made from airlaid tissue and is ideal for full body cleansing. Soft, strong and highly absorbent, this wipe lathers well with soap and...

Conti Soft Large Wipe - 26gm - 30 x 28cm - CSW110
Product Code: C68.201
Pack Size: 32 x 100

Conti Soft Large Dry Wipes are very popular, high quality, yet great value large dry wipes, with a soft feel that makes them the first...

Conti Standard Regular Wipe - 24gm - 18 x 24cm - CLW010
Product Code: C68.208
Pack Size: 32 x 100

Perfect for daily cleansing. Designed with polypropylene, the wipes provide a lightweight, comfortable material. The strength and...

Nilaqua Body Wash Skin Cleanser 500ml
Product Code: B02.033
Pack Size: 1 x 500ml

Nilaquas towel off skin cleanser has a kind and gentle formula that allows you to wash effectively without water, removing the usual...

Nilaqua Towel Off-Shampoo
Product Code: C73.030
Pack Size: 24 x 200ml
Expected Restock Date: 12-12-2023

No rinse, dry shampoo effectively cleans hair without water or rinsing. Wets your hair like a traditional sha,poo and cleans without...

Oasis Maceratable Bedbath Unperfumed Wipes
Product Code: C68.221
Pack Size: 1 x 34
Awaiting Confirmation Date

The Oasis® Waterless Bathing Range provides a comfortable, therapeutic bed bathing solution without the issues associated with...

Oasis Rinse Free Shampoo Cap Perfumed
Product Code: C68.222
Pack Size: 1 x 30
Awaiting Confirmation Date

Replacing soap and water with a pre-dosed cleansing solution promotes good practice in infection prevention whilst ensuring minimal...